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Welcome to the EMBL contentHub

This tool allows content to be curated and flexibly reused across the organisation. Read more about the concept here. This is an alpha.

Logging in, Getting access

  • If you have an EMBL/EBI account, login here
  • If you need access, email ken.hawkins@embl.de OR www-dev@ebi.ac.uk

Editing content

Creating content

When the contentHub is complete, we expect most content to be created on other systems and websites (such as the EMBL Etc. WordPress site) and imported into the contentHub, where it can be curated and polished for reuse across EMBL digital properties.

However, this is currently an alpha so quite a bit of content will still be authored on this site, which is a Drupal site.

Here are the basics.

  1. To create content go to /node/add
  2. Select the type of content you wish to create, such as an "article"
  3. Fill out the field according to the inline documentation
  4. Save

During the initial alpha, changes should show up on external sites almost immediately. In the future edits may take some minutes to show.

Putting content on pages

While over time we will support JSON and XML, for now we support on HTML link embeds, these integrate with the Visual Framework patterns.

A request for a vf-intro looks like http://dev.content.embl.org/api/v1/pattern.html?filter-content-type=article&filter-id=75&pattern=vf-intro

That can be used on a page like:

  <link rel="import" href="https://dev.beta.embl.org/api/v1/pattern.html?filter-content-type=article&filter-id=575&pattern=node-body&source=contenthub" data-target="self" data-embl-js-content-hub-loader>

The API and documentation to do this is currently being implemented and there is some technical documentation available and a list of all implemented patterns.

Need more help?